Service Principle

A Service Group company which has continuously achieved JRC Service Grading Awards for the following years: 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015.

We offer team of proficient engineers with collaboration & support of staffs that are all passionate for providing diligent & excellent service to marine electronics market demand. For achievement of afore-said aim, we endeavor to fulfill the requirements of all our customers. We are the worldwide Cobham Satcom OSC service partners and take pride in complying wiOth our service principle as mentioned below:

  • Ensuring that Customer’s requests are attended to and satisfactorily accomplished.
  • Our service standards are based on mutual trust, fairness and honesty to our customers.
  • We provide speedy service performance that exceeds customer expectation.
  • Offer fair sales cost, high quality service to maintain the safety of vessel been attended to. Diligent & studious participation of training course and constant skill upgrading.


NavCom Service Center

  • GMDSS Radio Survey

    Seven Seas Marine has for many years conducted radio survey on behalf of all the major Classification Societies in China and Taiwan

  • Regular Maintenance

    In applying this approach a shared set of values has emerged that defines the way that we aim to work with our customers, our service suppliers…

  • VDR APT Survey

    Our VDR technicians are certified to perform VDR APT and technicians also have all participated in courses about the IMO Regulation Circ. 1222 framework…

  • GMDSS SBMA Contract

    The given Agreement consists for the period of one year and the Ship Owner should pay Seven Seas Marine an annual payment depending on…

  • Spare Parts & Repair

    Seven Seas Marine can provide urgently requested parts, thus maximizing quick and cost-effective repair with minimum downtime…

  • World Class Service Center

    The OSC network offers maritime service for SAILOR products on board the vessels. No matter where or how you bought the equipment…

  • Product Training

    Seven Seas Marine developed its Nav/Com maintenance courses to support our own service engineers , makers and customers whose may…

  • Fleet Management

    Enhance operational performance, manage risk and support compliance with Fleet Management, the mobile compatible fleet monitoring solution…

  • LRIT Testing

    Pole Star is an Authorized Testing ASP for over 90 Flags and provides operators with a convenient, secure and easy-to-use web-based testing platform

  • Airtime Solution

    We offer satellite communication services include installation and commissioning, process application, registration and activation of terminals…

  • Service Agreement

    Service Agreement (SA) for Ship’s Owner, Management and friendly Service Partner around the world where we can offer General Maintenance attend

24 hours a day, 365 days a year with enthusiasm and capabilities for the following service ranges:

  • Installation and Commissioning Services
  • GMDSS Radio Surveys
  • VDR/S-VDR Annual Performance Testing
  • Warranty Support & Service
  • Nav/Com Maintenance and Repair
  • Equipment Surveys and Inspection
  • Technical Advice
  • Spare Parts Support to Cobham SATCOM (T&T) CP, SP & OSC
  • GMDSS SBMA issuance VSAT / Inmarsat Airtime Contracts

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