Spare Parts & Repair

Efficient processing and delivery are essential for successful running of an ongoing operation. That’s why our experienced staff organizes logistic services based on customer demands to meet our customers’ specific needs. Spare parts will be available whenever and wherever our customers need them to optimize their operation and meet their goals.

We also operate a policy of continual assessment to be able to match any change in a customers’ operation and respond quickly and effectively. It saves more time and cost. Seven Seas Marine is always ready for any possibilities in order to complete a given job on first time of asking.

We follow Cobham (Thrane & Thrane) OSC (Onboard Service Center) Policy to maintain Mandatory Radio / SatCom Spares, it’s also the same for most of the equipment we provide through our major Representations, and we are ready for immediate dispatch to any port in China & Taiwan.

At JRC, these First Aid Kit (FAK) are strategically located at Our China & Taiwan Warehouse where we offer a wide range of essential parts, significantly aiding prompt response and service of equipment within a minimum timeframe.


FAK Location


Seven Seas Marine can provide urgently requested parts, thus maximizing quick and cost-effective repair with minimum downtime at each port service in China & Taiwan.