Service Agreement

To help prevent equipment failure, we offer Service Agreement (SA) for Ship’s Owner, Management and friendly Service Partner around the world where we can offer General Maintenance attend on Marine Electronics Navigation and Communication Equipment.

Following our Service visits you will be advised of any potential problems along with our recommendations, supported by a written quotation for any work we may consider necessary.


This Service Agreement (SA) main goal is for annual services and mandatory certifications of your Nav/Com electronics equipment on board your vessels. Optionally an annual health check assessment can prevent malfunctioning and applicable preventive maintenance will be scheduled. Unexpected interventions and breakdowns will decrease with the objective to reduce daily running costs.

Typically, Service Agreement (SA) covers:

  • Coordination and support
  • Preventive service and maintenance
  • Failure and emergency services
  • Spare parts
  • GMDSS SBMA Contract + (S)VDR Annual Performance Test
  • Consultation for retrofit programs
  • Fixed annual fee

The Service Agreement (SA) ensure maximum reliability and high availability of system functions at predictable costs for the entire period of performance. One central point of contact takes responsibility for all products delivered, releasing you from unnecessary administrative workload in case of a service. Under our Maintenance Contracts our central service organization offers 24/7 support, making possible quick reaction and professional technical assistance in case of a service.

Service quality and optimized results

By preparing the service attendance, checking for spares availability, and selecting a qualified service station, our service coordination contributes to better service quality and optimized results for customers.

Our maintenance and logistic services provide efficient help to reduce our customer’s administrative workload and increase operation time of the vessel. The ongoing qualification of attending service stations through regular service training courses and continuous performance evaluation programs are a standard of quality management by Seven Seas Marine

Following companies are our major Service Suppliers around the world :

  • Radio Holland Group – Imtech Marine
  • Mackay Communications
  • Telemar Group
  • Alphatron Marine
  • SRH Marine
  • Space Electronics
  • NOVA Electronics
  • Polar Electronics
  • Navteam A/S