Intellian: i4/i4P

Most reliable tracking and fastest searching antenna in the world
Most popular size antenna for all types of boats that utilize Intellian Technologies’ patent-pending WRS (Wide Range Search) and DBT (Dynamic Beam Tilting) technology for fast and stable tracking of satellite.

Intellian i4/i4P Overview
With its rugged, reliable and durable design, the Intellian i4/i4P provides the most outstanding performance to stay locked in. It connects boaters to the premium satellite TV entertainment they want while vessels are cruising at high speed or in rough sea conditions. The i4/i4P’s stylish and polished dome design makes it perfect for boats over 50 feet.

With its patent pending innovations in Wide Range Search (WRS) and Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) technologies, the i4/i4P can achieve the most precise tracking performance and highest signal reception without the need of a fragile or superfluous motion sensor. An embedded GPS system can speed up satellite search and acquisition time.

The revolutionary design feature of the i4/i4P is that it has the intelligent built-in HD and TriSat modules in its control unit. This offers boaters High Definition satellite TV broadcasts from leading satellite TV service providers without any extra conversion tools and cable wiring. With Intellian MIM, boaters can enjoy flipping channels through automatic satellite switching just like a home system. See the installation guide of DISH Network MIM for further details.

For easy and flexible installation and operation, the i4/i4P supports standard dual and quad IRD connections with its single cable design between the antenna and the antenna control unit (ACU). This simple and powerful system is manufactured in compliance with the most rigorous quality verification of ISO 9001:2001.

In addition, the i4P provides the embedded Auto Skew Angle Control system to maintain the optimal signal strength and increase the quality of satellite receptions in weak satellite signal coverage area.

Fully Automated System
Automatic satellite search and identification function.
2-axis step motor for manipulating the pedestal.

High Quality Antenna
45 cm diameter of parabola-type antenna for receiving Ku-Band (10.7 ~ 12.75GHz)
satellite signal.
LHCP/RHCP or Horizontal/Vertical polarization.
Enabling powerful signal gain.

Superior Dynamic Tracking
Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) by rotating sub-reflector with high speed BLDC motor.

Fastest Search Algorithm
Wide Range Search (WRS) algorithm.
Statistical search algorithm.

DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) Signal Identification
High speed identification employing DVB decoder.
QPSK demodulator lock for DSS signal.

Built-in GPS System
Embedded GPS, which allows for the system to upload the GPS data automatically into the system.

Built-in Auto Skew Angle Control System (i4P only)
Automatically change the skew position to the optimal skew angle all times to ensure maximum level of satellite signal level.

New Antenna Control Unit
Easy satellite information change and update.
Easy antenna status check and automatic diagnosis.
Easy antenna control using PC interface.
Reliable power supply to the antenna.
Embedded HD module and TriSat function.

Easy Installation
Single cable from the ACU to the antenna.

Dimensions(diameter x height) 50 x 54 cm (19.7″x 21.2″)
Weight 11.6 kg ( 25.6 lbs)
Antenna Dish 45 cm (17.7″)

Operating Temp. Range -15˚C to +55˚C (+5˚F to +131˚F)
Storage Temp. Range -25˚C to +70˚C (-13˚F to +158˚F)
Shock 27G, 11msec
Approved CE and FCC

Frequency Ku-Band (10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz)
Minimum EIRP 49 dBW
Azimuth Range 680˚
Elevation Range +0˚ to +90˚
Ship’s Motion Roll ±25˚, Pitch ±15˚
Roll & Pitch Response Rate 50˚ / second
Turn Rate 50˚ / second
Repeatability 0.1˚
LNB Dual Output / Quad Output

ACU (Antenna Control Unit)
Dimensions 178 x 217 x 54 mm (7″ x 8.5″ x 2.1″)
Weight 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs)
Display 2 Line 20 Character VFD Module
Control Key 5 Integrated Push Buttons
Serial Interface 19200bps 8,N,1,EIA,RS-232C
Power Input : DC 9.0~30.0V (Typ.30W, Max 50W)
GPS Interface Built-In (NMEA 0183 GPS)
Remote Control Interface Available