JAN 2000

The second generation JAN-2000 integrates a new, more powerful processor, designed to deliver the high performance standard while still keeping the ECDIS an economical choice.

The new JAN-2000 ECDIS system is fully type approved, and because of its controlled interface it is also highly cost-effective. It only has gyro, log, GPS 1 & 2 and AIS as standard. TCS and radar overlay is not possible. This makes the JAN-2000 an economical and well-fitted ECDIS solution yet still integrates the high performance standard you would expect from JRC.

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The second generation JAN-2000 integrates a new, more powerful processor, designed to deliver the high performance standard while still keeping the ECDIS an economical choice.
Economic Solution

The JAN-2000, a fully type approved system, is a highly cost-effective solution for mid-small size ships & workboats. The number of serial ports tripled to 9 available as standard while excluding function as TCS and radar overlay. And with such standardized interface configuration JAN-2000 can also be considered as an economical back-up solution for our full featured JAN-901B/701B, as commonly installed on large vessels.

New Processor

The JAN-2000 comes standard with the same processor that is also found on the JAN-901B/701B. Feedback from captains, factory testing and benchmarks show the new processor is a fast improvement. Especially remarkable is the operational performance running very smooth and speedy when changing range scale or dragging the chart.

Dedicated Keyboard

Our dedicated keyboard allows you to carry out all operations simply by using the keyboard or trackball. The responsive feel keys allow logical and precise operation, even under heavy sea conditions.

UPS Built In

The JAN-2000 has a small Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) built in as standard, holding up to 60 seconds until OS closes automatically.

Back up via LAN

The JAN-2000 ECDIS can directly be connected via LAN to JRC’s VDR and S-VDR. This way, you can easily backup important data, without the need for additional interfaces.
Grounding avoidance

As standard, the JAN-2000 integrates a grounding avoidance function, which protects vessels from collision and entering dangerous areas. This system allows real-time display of the ship’s position on electronic charts, allowing to easily avoiding routes for dangerous areas. You can simply make a crossing warning and it is possible to check safety contour lines and dangerous at the route planning stage.

Flexible black box configuration

The JAN-2000 consist of a 19 or 23-inch display (option), processor and keyboard, allowing for simple configuration and flexible installation approach. It is also possible to install selected third party displays as alternative.

Advanced route planning

The advanced nature of JRC’s new JAN-2000 ECDIS allows route planning in different ways. Either plan your route by using the table editor, while displaying current waypoint or graphically draw your next waypoint on the chart. Editing the route is just as simple as inserting. Dedicated menus are readily available to assist the mariner in effective route planning. Not only can you save the routes, but import favorite or commonly used files, even from previously ECDIS models, using industry-standard CSV format. During the voyage, you can add an alternative route, which can be displayed simultaneously. You can move, insert, add and delete waypoints instantly and easily exchange the alternative route with route in progress.

Man Overboard

Some items could strike you on the vessel, a slippery deck or unexpected movement of the vessel are situations in which a person may possibly fall of the vessel. The JAN-2000 integrates a single-press Man Overboard (MOB) operation. Instantly, a dedicated symbol arises on the screen, providing a range detailed info such as positioning, bearing, range and time till arriving at MOB. This emergency system enables immediate and accurate search and rescue efforts.

Multi view

Multiple and wide screen viewing is possible with the new JAN-2000. You can divide the chart screen into two sections,in which the same or different charts can be displayed, in a mixture of ways. In this field of view, it provides a ‘look-ahead’ capability, especially useful in coastal areas. With the widescreen view function, an additional screen in the display area,showing a segment of the chart, allows viewing at a glance.