Following many decades of navigation experience and with a wealth of feedback from vessel owners, navigation officers and training institutions around the world, JRC introduces the latest, all-new Multi Function Display (MFD). Underneath the beautifully designed units, the MFD is packed with powerful components that give you smooth graphics, fast processing and all-round serious performance.

And at the same time, the MFD operating system has been developed by JRC engineers to deliver one of the most intuitive and integrated maritime bridge experiences in the world. Our new approach offers an incredibly easy-to-use icon based navigation experience with simple menus and dedicated functions. With a few clicks, you can do things like route planning, acquiring targets, switching between the systems or show alarm information.

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  • IMO Type Approved

The gold standard, in N2.5

Every aspect of the development of the MFD has been carefully considered. Take for instance the form factor at the heart of the MFD. The processor called the Central Control Unit (CCU), the power supply unit and the junction box are designed with common form factors, so installation is made easy, both as a black box solution or in a standalone unit. In case of a black box installation, simply fit the CCU and power supply on top of each other and place as necessary the junction box close to each, easily and effectively, taking up the least amount of space. This deliberately basic design allows for a uniform, graceful and easy on the eyes approach.

And it really becomes evident when looking at the standalone consoles. The beautiful, minimalist design, available as 19-inch (58cm wide) and 26-inch (68cm wide) variants. Cables are hidden, even on the 26-inch version where it looks like the display is floating. The framework is made from high quality, thick-walled aluminium tubing, formed to a solid piece with soft and elegant corners. Anthracite (code N2.5) color tone is used throughout, including all options and accessories of the MFD platform. Even the box that holds the necessary interfacing is thought through. The design and construction of this level is unmatched. As a result, the MFD standalone console looks and feels unbelievably sleek and strong.

jGUI, a new beautiful standard

We may not have been the first to the party, but we can be the best. And as the software design team gradually saw the hardware they would develop for, we realized that we had the unique opportunity to redefine our design philosophy and bring harmony between the various products.

During the development process of the MFD we have created a user interface unique to JRC which we call jGUI, which includes a man machine interface design common to all products.

With a vibrant, lively interface and new features that take full advantage of the technology inside, jGUI is made for MFD, and every product it can be. Our software engineers are, and will continue to be, the brains behind probably JRC’s biggest project and product development to date since the founding in 1915.

Built in a modular way

As a leading manufacturer of marine electronics for nearly 100 years, JRC continuously responds to market needs which have resulted in a beautiful, modular and cost-effective platform. The MFD operating system can simply be used as a basic unit for radar, ECDIS or conning or can be extended with the most demanding applications. From standalone models with 19 or 26-inch displays to black box configurations with JRC’s original QWERTY keyboard complete with all the interfacing necessary.

Regardless of how you use it, or which product you select, it all has been designed with a standardized form factor which allows easy assembly and repair, smart production, logistical savings, upgrades and more.

Choose Your Display

The new MFD can be connected to JRC’s 19-inch and 26-inch proprietary displays. Both displays are completely new following the latest standards and are developed in line with JRC minimalistic design approach. The 19-inch and 26-inch are available as standard LCD or as bonded version. The display fits nicely in the standalone unit, in a similar design desktop frame or as flush mount installation with the screws nicely hidden behind a cover.

Bonding is a process whereby the air gap between the front glass and LCD module is filled with a special compound, significantly enhancing night vision while reducing sunlight reflection and overheating as well as a reduction of possible condensation. The GUI is developed for trackball and/ or keyboard as well as touch operation. Needless to say, touch displays are optionally available. For some total bridge solutions display size can be extended up to 46-inch, also compliant with the IMO wheel mark. Alternatively, a range of third party type approved displays may be connected.